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How To Clean A Dry Herbal and Wax Atomizer / Clearomizer (Vaporizer)
If you own a herbal vaporizer it will eventually get dirty and its time to clean it, just like a pipe, and bong. This guide is mostly aiming for people that have any dry herbal or wax atomizer/clearomizer piece.

Why Should I Clean It.
As you use the vaporizer it will collect residue and clog up the filter, this will cause insufficient vapor. Just like a bong or pipe it has to be cleaned once in a while to provide clean and health vapor, this applies to the vaporizers as well.  

When Should I Clean It?
It is recommend that the atomizer, mouthpiece, and filter should be cleaned every 6-8 sessions or once every week.

How Do I Clean It?
You will need Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) or Acetone, a brush, dabber or scrapper, and a few q-tips. The first thing you want to do is soak the atomizer (Mouthpiece and filter) into the solution for about 5 minutes. After, use the brush to clean the atomizer coil and chamber (be as gentle so you don't damage the coil). Once it's clean, soak the chamber and coil in the acetone or alcohol once again and then let it air dry. Do the same for the mouthpiece and filter. Use the Q-tips to dry the pieces.  

What Do I Need?
1 x Brush
1 x Dabber or scrapper
1 x Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol
5 x Q-Tips

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