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The parts and piece for a vaporizer is really simple, there is only 3 main piece that makes up a vaporizer. The 3 pieces are the Clearomizer, Coil, and Battery.

1. Clearomizer / Atomizer / Cartomizer 

The atomizer, clearomizer, and cartomizer are unit that hold and heat up the products such as e-juice or any ground material. 

2. Coils

The coils are used in the atomizer, clearomizer, and cartomizer to heat up. Eventually the coils will die out and it will be time to replacement for a low cost. 

3. Battery

The battery piece attaches to the clearomizer /atomizer /cartomizer and powers the unit up. The Battery is the main piece of the vaporizer, without it nothing would operate.

Battery Mods

There are high watts battery for your vaporizers, if you're looking to modify your set up to produce more vapor you would buy a battery mod. 


Vaporizer Pen

Overall a vaporizer only contain 3 main pieces; the atomizer, coils, and battery.


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